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Wizeguy (Tim Schut) was born on 20-01-1981 in Dordrecht, near Rotterdam (NL).He discovered housemusic when he was about 13 years old and was hooked right away. Hardcore music was his thing and he needed more...So when the time was there, he made his first track, a hardcore tune made in screamtracker (DOS platform).Later on he moved on to Fasttracker 2.0, and when things became more serious in the end moving up to Cubase and various hardware.After the hardcore music he moved on to play and produce (hard)trance. He produced and played that for a few years and then discovered his real passion, hardstyle, around 2003.Interested by the complexity of the productions and the high quality of the sounds he decided to go only for producing and playing hardstyle. This is where the heart is on the right place.In the summer of 2009 he signed at cloud 9 dance music. This lead to his first Wizeguy release on the Hooligan sublabel in fall of that same year. The E.P. with the tracks "imagine" and "velocity" was compiled on compilations such as the Hardstyle top 100 2009. The next release is scheduled for april 2010.More info on:

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Digital Punk

Digital Punk, born as René de Bruijn in 1985, in Dordrecht, has become a respected DJ/Producer in the Hardstyle scene. With his own recognizable sound and unique DJ sets this energetic DJ knows how to get the crowds wild and euphoric, time and time again, which results in a growing number of followers.In his career as DJ he has made name through successful gigs such as Defqon 1, Decibel, In Qontrol, Hardbass and Emporium… and with releases such as “Bringin the Funk”, “Rock the Party”, “Loose Control” and “Dark Symphony” that were instant hits. He also remixed the “Hardbass Anthem” of 2010 which is released on TillT! Records.Hardstyle lovers will be more than satisfied at his shows and this year Digital Punk will keep on rising and attract the crowds with his stunning performances!

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Bass Modulators

Bass Modulators is a cooperation between Roland Evers and Rick Buijtenhek which started in 2006. Two friends since high school, both with a great passion for music, started their musical career both in their own way. Rick began to produce mostly trance and hardtrance music at the age of 17. Roland had a passion for the turntables and became a DJ at that age. In the beginning he played multiple styles from trance, hardtrance till hardstyle, and a few years later he started to focus especially on the harder styles. He also started to produce music by himself from that moment.In the meanwhile Rick also began to produce more hardstyle and that was the point where the cooperation really started. They both shared a passion for uplifting melodies combined with hard and rough sounds, and made some tracks with this formula. They began to realize that they made a perfect team, because they both had their own specialties that worked out very well together. From that point it only became better. They put some tracks on the internet, and by accident it was found by some people who where very excited about it. After a lot of great and positive responses they were approached by Tatanka, the point where this great adventure started.After a few successful releases on DJ’s United Records They managed to get their own sub-label called Dj's United Orange.In the summer of 2011 Dov Elkabas aka The Prophet approached them to join Scantraxx Recordz, this was an offer they couldn't refuse. After joining Scantraxx things went up pretty quickly. They played all over the globe and at all major parties and festivals from the known big organisations.2013 will be a good year for these two. With many awesome bookings ahead, and alot of quality stuff done in the studio, these guys will be heard more than ever before!

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Adaro is born in 1980 in a village in the south of the Netherlands. He produced several electronic music styles, his alias for Hardstyle is DJ Adaro. Since he first heard the sounds of Thunderball’s “Bonzai Channel One” in 1993, he was hooked! He got a feeling that he’d never felt before, he immediately fell in love with that hard beat. He loved to watch his heroes behind the wheels of steel and he went to lots of big raves and clubs the following years. He started spinning with some friends and collecting lots of great vinyls. He wanted to create music too, so around the year 2000 he started producing all kinds of electronic music.In 2008 he started producing hardstyle together with his good friend Ran-D, and early 2009 this resulted in their first release on A2 Records; “Ran-D vs Adaro – My Name is Hardstyle”. In 2009 he played at the Q-Base festival in Germany. Their track “Ran-D & Adaro – Under Attack” is considered as one of the most popular hardstyle tracks from 2010 (#2 in the Hardtraxx Top 5 of 2010). Their Other tracks like”Struggle for Existence” and their bootleg remix of “In for the Kill” were heavily supported by all major jocks.Adaro’s solotrack “Hit you with that Bang Shit” was supported by DJ’s like Crypsis, Zany, Ran-D, Alpha Twins, Headhunterz and B-Front. His track “The Haunter of the Dark” is very well received by almost all big names in the scene. Both tracks appear on the A² Records album “Unleashed” and there is a lot more to come! As a result of his tracks his DJ-Schedule is growing and in the summer of 2011 he will perform on major harddance events like Defqon.1 festival, Dreamfields and The Qontinent (BE). Early 2011 Ran-D and Adaro created a new track called “Gangsters Don’t Dance”, which is supported by DJ’s like Headhunterz, Zany, The Prophet and Alpha Twins. They released it under their new project name “Gunz For Hire”. Their newest G4H-track “Put It On” is just finished. They have big plans with their new project, so beware!

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The Prophet

Dov J. Elkabas aka ‘The Prophet’ was born on 5 November 1968. He started deejaying in 1983. He first discovered turntables when he visited a roller disco (Het Nijlpaardenhuis) in Amsterdam. He was so impressed by the enthusiasm it evoked that he got a job so he could buy a set of SL1200 MK2s and practice with the turntables at home. He spun disco at Het Nijlpaardenhuis for approximately two years until the roller disco was closed down. He then moved to a hip hop venue in Amsterdam known as ‘Akhnaton’. Together with the members of the legendary ‘Osdorp Posse’ among others he started trying to make music in a very alternative way. There was no house music in those days – that didn’t hit the scene until 1986-87. Dov Elkabas first came into contact with house in 1988 when he was asked to spin at an event where only house music was played. This was the ‘Let the Prophet Rise’ event at the Jan van Galenhal in Amsterdam. Together with his colleague ‘MadDoc’ he spent the whole evening creating music with synthesizers and samplers in an attempt to add his own unique touch to the evening. The evening was such a success that it started the ball rolling. More and more people invited him to DJ. Organisations such as Multigroove and ISP (later known as Hellraiser) began to book him on a regular basis and he did his thing at almost all of the events in and around Amsterdam. In around 1991 he set up a DJ team better known as ‘The Dreamteam’. These were four different DJs with four different styles who only worked together as a group – either spinning together or performing live. The four members of The Dreamteam were The Prophet, DJ Dano, Buzz Fuzz and Gizmo. In around 1991-92 the organisation ID&T was set up. The Dreamteam was asked to spin at the raves organised by ID&T – Thunderdome, Earthquake, Mysteryland, etc... Together the Dreamteam made these raves a huge success. The Prophet was happy to go to all of the gabber events, sometimes as many as six in one evening! In the meantime the music became harder and harder. A certain group of DJs, including The Prophet, had breathed life into gabber or hardcore music. This was clearly the heyday of these genres. Millions of copies of ‘Thunderdome’ CDs were changing hands across the counter and The Prophet became more and more famous. To this day this kind of music can still be heard on every continent. The gabber DJs travelled and still travel the world to represent this music. The Prophet has deejayed at almost all of the large events in the Netherlands - Thunderdome, Masters Of Hardcore, Hellraiser, Megarave, Earthquake, Trip 2 Dreamland, Dance 2 Eden, Mysteryland, Back 2 School, Qlimax, DefQon 1, Decibel, and Innercity. He has also deejayed at large events in other countries, such as Utopia Sydney, Goliath Zurich, Voyager Geneva, Mayday Germany, Resident E Germany, Atlantis Los Angeles, etc., etc...  All the while besides recording gabber music Dov Elkabas also went on producing other kinds of music that he very much enjoyed - an eclectic mix that ranged from club to techno to progressive to hip hop. For example, under a pseudonym ‘The Rose’, in 1995 he recorded the classic ‘The Godzilla Project’ which was brought out by the French label Pinguin Records – a track spun by all of the leading DJs in the world.   The Prophet also founded his own record label - Scantraxx Recordz - one of the most famous hardstyle record labels in the Netherlands in order to be able to promote the Dutch version of hardhouse à hardstyle. He felt that the music was now too fast and that the events were no longer as upbeat as he thought they should be. The music has now reverted to 140 bpm, a ‘female-friendly’ danceable speed. Dov Elkabas is still exploring club and progressive. With projects such as Stardancer, under which he brings out disco house, and Rokkwild (together with Cay-T), the ‘Progressive project’, is he pursuing the course he wishes to follow, namely ‘serious dance music with a smile’.  Although The Prophet couldn’t complain at all about a highly successful 2004, the next year was with no doubt the most memorable in his career. His solo-evening The Prophet X-qlusive in the Amsterdam Heineken Music Hall was sold out 3 weeks in advance, 5500 fans came especially for The Prophet. His stunning performances at Qlimax in Geldredome (30.000 people), Sensation Black in Amsterdam Arena (40.000 visitors) and the outdoor festival DefQon in Almere (30.000 ravers) were the cream on the cake of the event season. On top of this success behind the decks The Prophet was voted in the Dutch DJ Awards as number 1 hardstyle Dj of the world and number 4 in the top 100. “This has been my best year ever!”   In the beginning of 2006 he came out with his own The Prophet compilation album ‘Hard’ in corporation with Cloud 9, and he also finished the mix-album ‘Qlimax Belgium’. The Prophet expects 2006 to be an extremely busy year with countless exciting national and international gigs. He also is one of the few Dj’s who performed 2 times in a row at ID&T’s main event Sensation Black. One of Dov’s priorities will maintain building his Scanntraxx emperion and continue the stream quality-releases under the name The Prophet and also under the name The Masochist. “It’s great to see that there are a lot of very talented young producers and it has always been my goal to sign them for Scanntraxx and give them the change to explore the talents.” These days The Prophet enjoys spinning genres such as early rave, early hardcore, hardstyle, club and progressive... To be continued...

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Erik began his adventure into electronic music in the early nineties. In 1995 he bought his first set of turntables and soon he was invited to show his dj skills at several parties in and near Amsterdam. After a successful performance at one of the first Qlubtempo parties in 2002 he became a well known guest at hardstyle parties in the Netherlands.   After a break of almost three years he sharpened his sound, upgraded his producing skills and started a new project called Artic. He experimented with a harder and rougher sound and found a new home for his musical direction. Artic is not afraid to cross genres to create his own unique sound for his dj sets and productions.This year (2010) the first Artic E.P. was released on Deepack's Hardcopy Recordings and there are more releases to come!   More information:http://www.djartic.nl

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Arkaine is a new upcoming artist group from the Netherlands, with the 2 brothers Casper & Koen Pijnenburg. In November 2009, they created their first track together. After that many followed and with success. Late 2010, the guys signed at X-Bone Records, the new record label for upcoming hardstyle artists, to show their creations to the world.   First, Casper only loved trance music. But when he heard hardstyle music for the first time, he started experimenting with this style. Koen joined him in hardstyle.   Their music consists of euphoric melodies, hard kicks and an experimental sound. With their music, they’re trying to reach the top, and they want to give their own twist to the hardstyle scene.  

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Cedric "Brainkicker" Grosius is the leader of the french hardstyle scene. He is the main producer on his label DJ's United Black, in Italy, since several years. He also collaborated with many big names on many co-productions. After introducing hardstyle in France, he's playing at many parties all over europe.

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Pepijn Hol founded Frequencerz in 2005. He used this alias for the tracks he produced. But since Pepijn was, at that time, not able to perform as a DJ, he started the search for a skilled DJ. This quickly resulted in the second member of the group, Niels Koster. Pepijn and Niels knew each other through the Internet and had developed a close friendship.Niels and Pepijn visited a lot of big parties back then and they quickly came to realize that they wanted their music to be more than just a hobby and decided to take their career to the next level. Both of them producing the tracks as well as performing as Frequencerz.After a lot of experimenting in the studio together, they developed their own style and it didn’t take long before other deejays started playing their tracks. Even in this early stage, Frequencerz got some massive support from guys like Deepack and D-Block & S-Te-Fan. Deepack even played Frequencerz – Tomorrow and Beyond while closing down the main stage of Defqon.1 Festival 2008. For Niels and Pepijn this was a sign that they were on the right track and the drive to play the big stages grew even stronger!In July 2009 all of their hard work paid off, the legendary Fusion Records made the Frequencerz an offer they couldn’t refuse and signed the boys to the label. From here on, things went really fast. Since then Niels and Pepijn have rocked stage after stage, leaving a trail of devastated dance floors behind them. With Defqon.1 Festival 2010, Q-Dance presents Fusion in the amazing Heineken Music Hall, The Qontinent 2010 and Bassleader 2010 being the absolute highlights.Also their first release on Fusion Records, “Phaser/Driver”, saw the light of day and got hammered by a lot of big deejays.With new tracks coming up and a lot of gigs in their schedule, Frequencerz are ready for the future! Are you ready for them?

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D-Block & S-te-fan

After playing on all the big events in hardstyle, D-Block & S-te-Fan left their names in the world of hardstyle. With big releases like Ride with uz, Music made addict and Evolutionz they rocked every stage around the world. 2009 made an end to any doubts: With their own stage on Thrillogy and an artist album, called " Music made addictz ", D-Block & s-te-Fan are here to stay!

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